15 Minutes of Fame

Clintons vote on th Franklin Voting Booth

I’ve spent the better part of my career in Marketing, and at the risk of dating myself, this means I have planned, executed, and reported on everything from “dial for dollars” campaigns on dial telephones (yes, these are a real thing) to Google AdWords. And you know what? Unless you have products like Apple or …

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Lessons from Poll Worker Training

Inclusion Solutions staff shares their thoughts on poll worker training.

When I registered to be a poll worker in this year’s general election, I did so because I wanted to see Inclusion Solutions’ products in action. When your job requires you to tell your products’ story, it’s a heck of a lot easier to tell an interesting one when you have hands-on experience with your …

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For your Listening Pleasure

Paul Klein and Mark Wood host ADA Shop Talk

After the unprecedented success of the “Serial” podcast, hundreds have rushed to get into the podcast-making game, and an eager listener audience awaits. In fact, according to Marketing TechBlog, over the last ten years “podcasting has evolved from a niche medium occupied by tech savvy comedians and former MTV VJs to a true sounding board …

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Experts Give 9 Tips for Ensuring an Accessible Election

ADA experts give tips for ensuring elections accessibility.

This summer, Inclusion Solutions had the pleasure of speaking at the National ADA Symposium in Denver on elections accessibility.  Following this presentation, numerous attendees requested practical tips for achieving elections accessibility, and when you ask, we deliver!   Here are nine practical tips for achieving elections accessibility, courtesy of experts Lisa Doran (Colorado Department of State), …

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