ADA Compliance: What Chicago’s Small Business Owners Need to Know

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) stipulates businesses must make “reasonable accommodations” for people with qualified disabilities.  However, the Act only applies to businesses that fit certain guidelines. For example, some portions of the ADA exempt businesses with fewer than 15 employees, while other provisions apply to businesses providing services to the public, regardless of …

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Weymouth Voters to Cast Votes in New Franklin Voting Booths

Inclusion Solutions, and its well renown Franklin Voting Booths, had the pleasure of making headlines in recent Weymouth  news. In June, 2017, the Weymouth Town Council approved the purchase of new DS200 voting machines or ballot counters, in response to voter concern over mis-cast votes in previous elections and in anticipation of its upcoming town …

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NACS Highlights FuelCall as Key Strategy for Enabling Convenience Store Visits

NACS Daily contributor Frank Beard recently shared his thoughts on how convenience stores can increase in-store traffic by creating the right customer experience at the pump.  States Beard, “…the forecourt matters.  The right experience at the pumps can draw customers inside, and it can also improve brand reputations by influencing what’s said and shared online.”  …

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Hy-Vee’s Strategy for Winning the Customer Loyalty Game

Hy-Vee installs FuelCall gas station assistance system.

As drivers with disabilities continue to advocate for appropriate refueling assistance at the pump, FuelCall customer Hy-Vee shares its strategy for meeting this consumer population’s needs and winning their brand loyalty.  Hint?  It’s not just about complying with ADA regulations.  It’s about truly welcoming these drivers. Read more in the Argus Leader: Getting Fuel with …

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Fuel Marketer News and FuelRetailer Magazine Feature Inclusion Solutions’ FuelCall Refueling Assistance Alert

FuelCall Gas Station Access

Inclusion Solutions’ CEO Patrick Hughes recently spoke with Kyndall Krist of Fuel Marketer News, sharing how Inclusion Solutions is working to remedy the difficult, time consuming task of refueling for people with disabilities and how one of Inclusion Solutions’ flagship products, FuelCall, is providing these customers with the opportunity to request assistance at the pump. …

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