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We carry accessible voting booths, COVID-Safe polling place solutions, election signage, and more. Our products come with our unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction.

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We’re proud to offer unique solutions such as the Multilingual Virtual Pollworker or “MVP”, a simple way to display and communicate real-time information in a voter’s native language.

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Alternative Language Ballots Aren’t Enough: Translation Help at the Polls

Twelve months following the Voting Rights Act of 1975, a section of which requires alternative language accessibility on voting material based on the number of minority-language speakers residing in a county, Spanish made its first appearance in the voting process. And for some of the nation’s largest cities, the addition of Spanish to voter registration …

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Sorry, But You’re Not Allowed to Vote

“Sorry, but you’re not allowed to vote.”  Imagine if this is what you were told when you arrived at your polling place.  Would you feel upset?  Frustrated?  Helpless?  Maybe even scared?  For plenty of people with disabilities, this isn’t an imagining, this is reality. Following the 2016 national election, there were many reports from voters …

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PureVote Wand: UV LED Technology

Sterilize all elements within your precincts, registration, early voting, and every day office environments using cutting edge UV LED technology.

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