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We carry accessible voting booths, COVID-Safe polling place solutions, election signage, and more. Our products come with our unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction.

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We’re proud to offer unique solutions such as the Multilingual Virtual Pollworker or “MVP”, a simple way to display and communicate real-time information in a voter’s native language.

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Hollister’s Holiday Hello and Happenings

So much for the quiet “year after a presidential election.” 2021 proved to be quite the “off year.”  Usually, it seems in the year immediately following a presidential election, there is a chance for all of us to catch our breath, start slowly, and cautious planning for the next election cycle.  In 2021…. not so …

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Alternative Language Ballots Aren’t Enough: Translation Help at the Polls

Twelve months following the Voting Rights Act of 1975, a section of which requires alternative language accessibility on voting material based on the number of minority-language speakers residing in a county, Spanish made its first appearance in the voting process. And for some of the nation’s largest cities, the addition of Spanish to voter registration …

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PureVote Wand: UV LED Technology

Sterilize all elements within your precincts, registration, early voting, and every day office environments using cutting edge UV LED technology.

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