BigBell Max

Easy solution for businesses where access to entry is an issue.

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Ideal for town halls, schools, public facilities, and private businesses.
  • ADA compliant push button requires minimal pressure to operate.
  • Also operates as a security device to prevent unauthorized access to schools and other facilities.
  • Cost-effective alternative to door automation
  • Designed for permanent installation at inaccessible entrances
  • Compliments existing automated doors to ensure security
  • Alleviates door weight and door hardware issues
  • Facilitates “alternative service” requirements
  • ADA-compliant push-button passes the DOJ “fist test”
  • AC plug-in receiver (batteries optional)
  • Battery operated and Waterproof pushbutton
  • Multiple tones or record your own message
  • Flashing strobe provides silent alert for deaf/HOH
  • Wireless range of up to 1,500 feet (unobstructed)
  • Mounting materials
  • Optional stickers
****BigBell Max is not intended for use at the gas pump. Please see our FuelCall page to see how to make your station comply with the new 2010 ADA Design Standards****

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