Our Team

Whether it’s consultation services, installation, training or election services, our Inclusion Solutions Leadership Team has experience to ensure compliance and usability.

Sheila Hughes, Chief Operating Officer

Sheila Hughes brings a broad understanding of both international business and finance as well as customer and vendor relationship management to the Inclusion Solutions leadership team.

Sheila joined Inclusion Solutions in 2005, serving four years as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. As COO, Sheila has defined a clear strategy for growth and lead the organization through new initiatives including a website redesign, marketing partnerships, and product development with our vital partner-vendors to offer products that are innovative, affordable, and customer-focused.

As the mother of five, Sheila knows something about making sure no task is left incomplete.  As a leader, she knows how to maintain the company’s focus on its mission and how to provide outstanding customer service. Most of all, Sheila knows better than anyone how to leverage the strengths of our most important asset: the people who are Inclusion Solutions.


Hollister Bundy, Esq., President

Hollister Bundy is an expert on both the real-life needs of election authorities and on the importance of accessibility in the electoral process. As a trusted problem-solver and advisor, he provides election officials nationwide with solutions that make elections open, accessible, and compliant with federal mandates.

Hollister has reviewed surveys of more than 10,000 polling locations across the United States to provide accessibility solutions. His solutions are affordable and impactful in remediating identified gaps in accessibility.

Hollister is the editor of an international election accessibility newsletter and has spoken at numerous conferences for both disability advocates and election officials on how to protect election accessibility for voters with disabilities.

Previously, Hollister served as an adjunct professor of law at John Marshall University and worked in private legal practice. He is a graduate of Northwestern University and Duke Law School.


Clark Fetridge, Vice President

Clark Fetridge has organized the assembly and shipment of Inclusion Solutions products to all 50 states and across the globe. He has: directed the fulfillment of statewide voting equipment contracts; the delivery of thousands of voting accessibility products necessary for a provincial election in Ontario, Canada; and the assembly, installation, and delivery of FuelCall to U.S. military bases worldwide. His deep knowledge of our customer base is the foundation for our outstanding service and attention to detail. Internally, he is responsible for ensuring a productive and educated staff through advanced technology.


James Young,

Director of Sales, Strategic Partnerships 

A former Inclusion Solutions client, Young brings a wealth of proven experience in election administration, accessibility compliance, poll worker training and voting equipment and registration systems. Most recently, he served on the transition team for Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, Director of Elections in Louisville, KY, Special Assistant to Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, and observer during the 2008 Iowa Presidential Caucus. James has discussed elections on numerous national and local media networks including CNN, iHeartRadio, MSNBC, NBC, NPR, and PBS. He is well-known in the industry and has a strong background in facilitating long-term relationships with both elections administrators and voters, boasting a track record of ensuring elections are fair, accurate and secure.


Dawn Betz, Customer Service

Dawn Betz is Inclusion Solutions’ Director of Customer Service, and we can’t imagine her in any other role. Dawn answers the phone in the… most… cheerful… voice… ever. Even when we’ve run out of coffee. Even when there’s a traffic jam outside the warehouse. Even when she’s about to drive six hours to Cleveland to watch her son play football.

Dawn’s mantra is, “How can I help?” and she means it. Whether you’re asking a question, placing an order, or just needing a virtual hug – Dawn’s your go-to. She’s our product expert, our order management system, and our database guru all in one. You can count on her to say “yes!” and get the job done. We count on her for an undeterred commitment to customer service and an ability to consistently keep organizational spirits high.

Perhaps her earnest approach to meeting your needs is due to her extensive background in promotion and motivation, serving as Athletic Director for the local grade school, or perhaps she has an extraordinarily high level of emotional intelligence. Either way, she enriches the experience for the entire Inclusion Solutions family and we encourage you to call her if you haven’t already!