Hollister’s Holiday Hello and Happenings

So much for the quiet “year after a presidential election.”

2021 proved to be quite the “off year.”  Usually, it seems in the year immediately following a presidential election, there is a chance for all of us to catch our breath, start slowly, and cautious planning for the next election cycle.  In 2021…. not so much!

At the beginning of the year, the integrity of our elections were called into question at a level we’ve never seen before, with (unfounded) allegations of fraud, baseless claims and even threats levied against dedicated election officials and vendors, and a continuing undercurrent of uncertainty, even after a remarkably flawless and wonderfully administered 2020 presidential election.  Inclusion Solutions’ own James Young came to the forefront nationally as he protected and defended dedicated election officials on both sides of the aisle.  As a former election administrator himself, he brought a wealth of knowledge to the discussion just as he does his customers throughout the Southeast.

Inclusion Solutions has shifted our focus to safe, environmentally friendly Ultraviolet sanitization.  Our PureVote LED Wand has been a hit – it provides a better kill rate against COVID and other viruses than wipes, it works equally well on booths, machines, scanners, e-pollbooks, tables, doors, and all elements of the election day environment, and it is environmentally friendly.  It’s no surprise that we’ve provided thousands nationally in 2021 with many more expected in 2022.  The PureVote Wand is a must-have for your office, polling places and early voting as well as your election day – whether it’s done traditionally, at vote centers, using vote by mail, or some combination.  As a COVID response, it’s also eligible for American Rescue and Recovery and other grant funds.

We’ve also ramped up our efforts of our “MVP” – Multilingual Virtual Pollworker – which provides real time remote video interpreting at your locations.  Congratulations to Connecticut for being the first state to offer these services at every polling place statewide!

And we remain committed to providing our best-in-class 4-station Franklin® and MXB booths with thousands more delivered nationally for both counties voting on paper and on machines.  We also remain dedicated to our original focus with the BigBell™ and Ballotcall™ alert and hundreds of solutions to serve voters with disabilities and were thrilled to acquire AuditPoll – a phone-based app that simplifies surveying polling places.

Looking towards 2022, Inclusion Solutions remains committed to helping your offices provide a safe, healthy, secure, efficient, and universally accessible election day experience for all of your voters.  We are excited to work with you again as we move away from a not-so-quiet year into another federal election cycle.



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