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Paul Klein and Mark Wood host ADA Shop Talk

After the unprecedented success of the “Serial” podcast, hundreds have rushed to get into the podcast-making game, and an eager listener audience awaits. In fact, according to Marketing TechBlog, over the last ten years “podcasting has evolved from a niche medium occupied by tech savvy comedians and former MTV VJs to a true sounding board for the masses.” So how happy are we that Paul Klein and Mark Wood are using this medium to bring ADA awareness and know-how to the masses? Happy!

Paul and Mark are the men behind ADA Shop Talk, a podcast for professionals and business owners seeking to better understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. By its own description, the podcast is a “fun and informative discussion regarding the application of the various codes, laws, and standards that affect business owners, architects, engineers, contractors, code officials, and consultants” throughout the country.

In each episode, Paul and Mark draw attention to area activities such as accessibility surveys, and highlight a product in their “ADA Product Spotlight.” We’re pleased to announce that in episode 6, “CRASCA Reports… Applicable Standard or Current Standard?” Inclusion Solutions’ BigBell™ is in the “ADA Product Spotlight.”

Many thanks to Paul and Mark for the podcast content and for the kudos! We’re looking forward to future episodes.

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