Improving Accessibility Knows No Boundaries

Canadian businesses and governments can talk to Wheelchair Friendly Solutions about accessibility solutions such as the Bigbell Flex.

Wade Watts, Inclusion Solutions’ newest partner north of the border, understands how important accessibility can be in the business world. Suffering from a rare form of multiple sclerosis, Wade faces challenging mobility restrictions every day and is faced with barriers to entry at many of his local business establishments.

However, these restrictions are far from holding Wade back. Rather, Wade moves forward with a purpose: provide solutions that create an accessible world. To this end, Wade founded Wheelchair Friendly Solutions in Trenton, Ontario. Wade not only provides businesses with inexpensive solutions that literally open doors to those who require assistance, but he also conducts accessibility compliance audits and training. States Wade, “A lot of my customers are surprised when they see just how inexpensive accessibility can be for their business, and they wish they had done it years earlier.”

Welcome, Wade! We’re looking forward to partnering with Wheelchair Friendly Solutions and improving accessibility in the Canadian business market.

Learn more about Wade Watts and Wheelchair Friendly Solutions.

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