Poll Star Voting Booth

Price: $170.00



  • Overall height - 60"
  • Writing surface height - 39.5" H x 18" D x 21" W
  • Legs width - 28" W x 25 " D
  • Storage case dimensions  - 23" x 19.5" x 3"
  • Weight - 10 lbs.

The Poll Star Booth is extremely easy to assemble and can be placed into service in just minutes. Superior design and precision manufacturing offer you the following benefits; lightweight, minimal storage space requirements, attractive design, and low cost. Built to last with grey plastic table, aluminum legs, white corrugated plastic curtains, and black corrugated plastic container.

Product features:
  • Rugged structural injection molded base
  • Easy to assemble aluminum legs
  • Durable 4mm corrugated plastic side panels
  • Corrugated plastic storage case

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