Arco Tamper-Evident Label Seals

Easy to apply, easy to remove.  These self-adhesive labels are designed for surface mounting applications, such as file cabinets, drawers, laptops, and voting machines

Price: $129.00

Quantity Price
1 $129.00
2 - 3 $115.00
4 - 19 $109.00
20 - 39 $99.00
40+ $93.00

SKU: S93313-02

  • 1″ x 3″ labels
  • Leaves no trace of residue behind on the sealing surface
  • A hidden “Void/Open” message is clearly visible when any part of the label is lifted
  • Labels are heat and freeze resistant
    • Hidden message triggers when lifted or if an attempt is made to compromise adhesive with heat source or Freon.
  • Labels have been tested for more than 1 year on metal, plastic, and glass
  • For best results on textured surface, allow 5-10 minutes for label to bond
  • Sold in rolls of 250 only

*Exclusive Distributor in Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Indiana, and West Virginia.

1″ x 3″ labels

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