Appleton Alderperson Uses BallotCall™ Success as Template for Enhanced Storefront Accessibility


Appleton Alderperson Uses BallotCall™ Success as Template for Enhanced Storefront Accessibility

 City of Appleton spokesperson continues tradition of increasing accessibility for individuals with disabilities by highlighting affordable, ADA compliant solutions

Evanston, Ill. (November 8, 2016) Inclusion Solutions (, a leading provider of products and services to help businesses and governments create accessible enviroments to those with disabilities, today announced Alderperson Joe Martin from the City of Appleton, Wisconsin, will demonstrate Inclusion Solutions’ BallotcCall™ alert system in multiple precincts on November 8 for various media outlets, in support of his initiative to ensure all building entrances are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

With a heritage spanning almost 170 years and a population of more than 170,000 people, Appleton, Wisconsin is home to almost 14,000 disabled individuals and another 22,000 individuals aged 65 or older, many with mobility challenges. After initial success with the BallotCall™ solution at his voting precinct in the 2012 General Election, Alderperson Joe Martin, himself a quadriplegic, had what he refers to as his “eureka” moment: “Outagamie County got it right for their voters with disabilities. Why can’t the small business owner community get it right for their patrons with disabilities?”

With the Inclusion Solutions’ BallotCall™ door alert, voters with a disability and older adults needing assistance simply press an oversize touchpad on a freestanding alert system outside the polling location. Once the touchpad is pressed, a ringtone is triggered inside the polling place to notify poll workers a voter needs assistance. When poll workers hear the ringtone, they provide said assistance – anything from opening the door to facilitating a curbside vote.

Recognizing each storefront, similar to each polling place, is structurally different, Martin theorized BallotCall™’s universal, portable design could work for the entire city of Appleton to allow patrons to request assistance with an entrance. He did some research and discovered Inclusion Solutions does in fact sell BallotCall™ for the retail community, branded under its “BigBell™ Flex” label. “It’s actually not about being an ADA expert. It’s about being a partner to our community. I want to remove the divide between people with disabilities and the larger population more than I want to fix one entrance,” added Martin, “and products like BallotCall™ and BigBell™ Flex are inclusive because they’re easy for everyone to understand and use.”

To drive home his point, Martin invited Patrick Hughes, CEO of Inclusion Solutions, to travel to Appleton to demonstrate to local retailers easy and economical solutions for eliminating accessibility barriers. States Martin, “My hope is whether you’re a voter today or a visitor tomorrow in Appleton, Wisconsin, you are welcomed by accessible entrances everywhere you go.”

Patrick Hughes, CEO of Inclusion Solutions, commented, “We’re proud Outagamie County chose BallotCall™ to increase voter accessibility in cities like Appleton for the General Election, and Joe is right to point out our solution works just as well in front of a store or restaurant as it does in front of a polling place.” Adds Hughes, “We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Joe and playing a significant role in Appleton’s ongoing commitment to creating an inclusive community.”

About Inclusion Solutions

Inclusion Solutions helps businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and better welcome customers with disabilities. Offering more than 350 affordable products to help businesses and governments create environments that are easily accessible to everyone, Inclusion Solutions’ products are designed and sourced to make adherence to ADA requirements simple for any organization.

Inclusion Solutions’ products remove barriers for individuals with disabilities and benefit government and business communities alike by improving customer service, increasing vote and sale transactions respectively, and encouraging repeat visits. Flagship products include the Pakflatt® Franklin® voting booth, the BigBell™ door alert system, and the FuelCall™ fuel assistance alert. To date, more than 10,000 Inclusion Solutions Pakflatt® Franklin® voting booths are present in 37 states, and the BigBell™ alert system is installed in thousands of small retail locations as well as several large retail chains. The Inclusion Solutions FuelCall™ fuel assistance alert can be found at large service gas stations and 375+ U.S. military bases worldwide.

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