FuelCall™ Gas Station Access

FuelCall Gas Station Access

Improve gas station access and guarantee ADA compliance.

FuelCall Gas Station Assistance

Many fuel stations, while technically accessible under ADA guidelines, are not practically useful for individuals with disabilities – even when they have fuel pumps that have been labeled as ADA compliant. The reality is for many individuals living with a disability, exiting the vehicle in a highly trafficked area to refuel, even with an ADA-compliant pump, is unsafe. And for individuals with limited dexterity and reach, refueling is impossible regardless of the pump in place.  Assistance will always be necessary.

Inclusion Solutions improves gas station access for military and large service gas stations with FuelCall™. This turnkey, inexpensive touchpad solution ensures stations are ADA compliant by providing disabled customers with a means for requesting assistance at the pump.

FuelCall™ is an ADA-compliant system with an oversized touchpad that sits close to the pump. This touchpad allows drivers with disabilities to signal from inside the car to someone inside the station they need assistance refueling. It also gives you, as gas station owner, control over the hours during which refueling assistance can be offered consistent with your staffing schedule.  The FuelCall access system includes a transmitter, clear signage, and an intercom for gas stations and convenience stores.

Create a welcoming environment for all customers and protect your business. We can help you turn a potential liability into a new source of profit.

FuelCall™ Product Specifications

FuelCall™ is simple, affordable, and easy to use.

The complete system includes:

  • BigBell™ Transmitters: Consistent with ADA law and passes the Department of Justice “fist test”
  • Wireless Chime Receiver: Easily heard by all employees
  • Two Steel J-Bars for proper mounting of BigBell™, reinforced to handle abuse
  • Signage for island cap and roadside marquee
  • Installation Tools

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Distributor pricing available, contact us for details.

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