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Freshii Installs BigBell Flex in Chicago to Energize Guests with Disabilities

Freshii installs BigBell Flex at 30 Chicagoland Freshii locations

CHICAGO, IL (Tuesday, February 23, 2016) — Together with Inclusion Solutions, healthy fast-casual restaurant brand Freshii has introduced the BigBell Flex as part of a new accessibility program designed to energize guests in need of extra assistance.

Freshii Assist is a new guest service program, and how it works is simple. Guests with a disability, an older adult needing a IMG_6056hand or a parent with a stroller press the oversized touchpad on the freestanding alert system to sound and visually display a signal, notifying the staff that a guest needs assistance from step one of their in-store experience. When staff hear the Freshii Assist ring tone, a team member engages with the guest and provides that little extra assistance anywhere from ordering, grabbing a beverage, or getting situated at a table.

Inclusion Solutions branded the company’s BligBell Flex alert system exclusively for the city’s leading health-casual concept. Inclusion Solutions Founder and CEO Patrick Hughes has dIMG_3939edicated his career to striving to give people equal service. Hughes says, “Twenty percent of the community has a disability, and so many of those disabilities are ones you cannot see with the naked eye.” Hughes adds, “One of three American families has a member with a disability, which means one of three people visiting a Freshii this afternoon loves someone with a disability. That’s who we created Freshii Assist for.”

Freshii’s mission is simple: to make healthy meal choices accessible and convenient to all, and that includes the disability community that is often overlooked. David Grossman, Freshii Chicago Franchise Master, shares, “Just as there is a high demand for healthy meal choices that fuel you throughout the day, there is a similar strong demand for accessibility. We are proud that Freshii is offering that throughout the Chicagoland area. Our goal is to always make guests feel welcome and glad they visited our locations. Freshii Assist will announce to our guests, without us saying a word, that we see them and will adhere to their needs.”IMG_5912

Freshii Assist goes beyond the green signs found at Freshii’s Chicago stores. The program includes training for all employees with JJ’s List, allowing Freshii staff to learn how to better engage with their guests with disabilities and understand how to create a feeling of inclusivity. JJ Hanley, Director of, commented on Freshii Assist and said, “Customers with disabilities want to give their business to places that walk the talk of disability awareness, and we applaud Freshii for its commitment to making its stores welcoming and inclusive for everyone.”

To find a nearby Freshii location and its hours of operation, visit To learn more about Freshii Assist, watch the highlight video.

About Freshii

Eat. Energize. That’s the Freshii mantra. Freshii is a health-casual restaurant brand that serves fresh food designed to energize people on the go. With a diverse and completely customizable menu of breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, frozen yogurt, juices and smoothies served in an eco-friendly environment, Freshii caters to every taste and dietary preference.

Today there are more than 200 Freshii restaurants globally in Toronto, Vancouver, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dubai, Vienna, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala and 80+ cities and 15 countries around the world, with three new restaurants opening every week. Freshii restaurants can be found in all locations from cosmopolitan cities, college campuses, suburban neighborhoods and malls to fitness clubs, airports and small towns.

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Learn about Founder & CEO Matthew Corrin

About Inclusion Solutions

Inclusion Solutions helps businesses comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and better welcome customers with disabilities.  Offering more than 350 affordable products to help businesses and governments create environments that are easily accessible to everyone, Inclusion Solutions’ products are designed and sourced to make adherence to ADA requirements simple for any organization.

Inclusion Solutions’ products remove barriers for individuals with disabilities and benefit government and business communities alike by improving customer service, increasing vote and sale transactions respectively, and encouraging repeat visits.  Flagship products include the Pakflatt® Franklin® voting booth, the BigBell™ door alert system, and the FuelCall™ fuel assistance alert.  To date, more than 10,000 Inclusion Solutions Pakflatt® Franklin® voting booths are present in 37 states, and the BigBell™ alert system is installed in thousands of small retail locations as well as several large retail chains.  The Inclusion Solutions FuelCall™ fuel assistance alert can be found at large service gas stations and 375+ U.S. military bases worldwide.

Inclusion Solutions was founded in Evanston, IL, in 2000.

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