Join us this year at the CASI Accessibility Codes and Standards Summit

It’s almost here!  And no, we’re not referring to Halloween (although we’ve already filled the office candy bowl because a few of us have a sweet tooth).  It’s time to get ready for the first-ever CASI Accessibility Codes and Standards Summit from October 19-20!  At the risk of being preemptive, we’re pretty sure this is going to be one of our favorite events on the calendar for years to come.  “Why?” you ask.  Well, for starters, Inclusion Solutions is exhibiting.  We’re also committed to CASI’s goal: influence positive change in access through awareness and proactive adaptation of the built environment.  And yes, it’s also in San Francisco, where the City Lights Bookstore can keep our COO delighted for hours, and The Sycamore serves up pork belly donuts (you read that correctly).

The event schedule is busy with presentations, Q&A sessions, networking, and numerous opportunities to discuss how to collaborate with government and advocacy organizations to promote access awareness, and how we can support CASI as the recognized leader for knowledge and implementation of local, state, and federal access codes and laws.

As an exhibitor, we’ll also be showcasing our products, including the BigBell, and talking to attendees about how they can leverage our “high touch, lost-cost” solutions in their own access initiatives. If you’re attending the CASI Summit, please stop by our booth to meet our team and see some of our products first-hand.

The CASI Summit will be a meeting ground for some of the most collaborative minds in accessibility awareness.  Our team is looking forward to meeting attendees and exhibitors to discuss how we can further accessibility in the built environment and educate others on the “hows” and “whys” of accessibility codes and laws.

Schedule a meeting at the CASI Summit.

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