Temporary Lot Paint (Case of 12) Blue

Mark accessible parking spots with this easy to use temporary chalk.

Price: $119.95



Solvent-Based Striping Paint is designed to adhere to a variety of surfaces, especially asphalt and concrete. Sold as a case of 12 cans. Blue.

  • Lot Paint, Temporary
  • Parking Stop clearly defines parking space for temporary or permanent use
  • Each case of paint will mark over 100 spaces

Mark will disappear in 10 to 20 days when exposed to water, traffic, and other abrasions. It can also be washed off with a pressure washer if desired.

  • Safe for use on turf surfaces.
  • Non-resin binders and low pigment solids hold chalk together in a slurry as mark dries.
  • Use as a temporary mark on private property where limited exposure is desired.
  • Easy clean up with soap and water within 10 minutes of application.
  • Designed to be used in Aervoe’s #244 Spot Marker, #245 Marking Stick, or by hand.
  • Lead-free, non-clogging can empties contents completely.
  • Adheres to most surfaces, including pavement, gravel, soil, and grass.

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