Precinct Infection Protection Kit

Price: $79.00



Exclusive to Inclusion Solutions and Patent-Pending, the Voter Infection Protection Kit* helps protect your polling places, poll workers, and voters from the spread of infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), H1N1 Flu, and more. Nothing protects entirely, but this integrated kit will decrease the risk of transmission for poll workers and voters at your precincts using either paper ballots, touch screens, and/or electronic poll books. 


For Poll workers

• Disinfectant antibacterial wipes

• 20 pairs of sanitary protective gloves

• 20 surgical masks for poll workers to be changed halfway through the day per CDC guidelines

• 10 micro poll worker hand sanitizer kits

For Voters

• 1 voter handheld sanitizer pump bottle

• 10 isopropyl alcohol screen wipes

• 3 microfiber cloths

• 10 sanitary headset covers

• Instructions on how to disinfect consistent with CDC guidelines,

voting system manufacturer recommendations, and health care

professional best practices

• Precinct sign displaying protective efforts

• Box, packaging, and instructions included 

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