Multilingual Virtual Pollworker “MVP” -iPad & Lifetime License

Virtual translation service, iPad & lifetime license

Price: $799.00



Limit number of pollworkers while providing top service 


Our Multilingual Virtual Pollworker is powered by LanguageLine™ and solves language access issues for an affordable cost with video remote interpreting. 

• iPad or phone-based system is “on site” at Election office, early voting, or precincts 

• Serves as an effective video or phone voter hotline 

• Options include custom stand, all-inclusive, ready to assemble, rolling adjustable stand with secure iPad enclosure and tilting head and an external speaker for simple display and voter communication 

• At the touch of a button instantly access a nationwide network of interpreters for “real time” communication 

• Affordable hardware and software plus nominal per minute cost 

• 34 languages and ASL via video interpreting and over 200 languages including Native American dialects via phone 

• Other translation and multilingual services available 







Filipino, Russian, French, Haitian Creole, and American Sign Language. Over 25 other languages available. 

MVP-I Multilingual Virtual Pollworker – iPad & Lifetime License $799.00* plus small usage fee 

• Includes iPad

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