FuelCall® Single Kit

FuelCall System for one pump island.

Price: $900.00



FuelCall® Single Kit is simple, affordable and easy to use. Components include:

  • BigBell™ Transmitter (1): Consistent with ADA law and passes the Department of Justice “fist test”
  • Wireless Chime Receiver (1): Easily heard by all employees
  • Steel J-Bar (1) for proper mounting of BigBell™, reinforced to handle abuse
  • Set of Pump Signage
  • Roadside Sign (1)
  • Installation Tools

Technical Information

  • Oversized touch-pad can be used by customers with limited dexterity
  • Wireless technology is easy to install. Plugs into any standard A/C wall outlet.
  • Flashing strobe, AC option and improved battery life
  • Six ring tones and adjustable volume control
  • Up to 2,000-foot unobstructed operating range

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