4 ft. EZ-Access Gateway™ Ramp w/o Handrails

Quick installation and removal is easy with this heavy duty ramp.

Price: $369.00



The PATHWAY ramp is safe, secure, and ideal for scooters, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and crutches. Heavy duty and extra wide this ramp features:

  • Constructed of extruded aluminum with optional handrails
  • Seamless non-skid driving surface
  • Handrails required for rises exceeding 6″
  • Usable Size: 4′ L x 36″ W x 4″ H
  • Overall Size: 4′ L x 39″ W x 4″ H
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs.

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