2″ Aluminum Threshold Bevel Election Series: 36″ Wide

The sole-sourced, preferred ramp choice for meeting your ADA requirements.

Price: $109.00



Inclusion Solutions is your sole source for these 36″ wide ramps. The ElectionSeries is the preferred ramp choice for meeting your polling place’s ADA requirements.


  • Ramps are ideally 36″ wide for election use under ADA standards; these are the first aluminum threshold ramps to meet this width requirement, custom-designed for temporary use at elections.
  • Lightweight and durable ramp designed for short steps, doorways, and raised landings.
  •  Constructed of extruded, anodized aluminum, with a durable non-skid driving surface.
  • Beveled edge accommodates up to 0.5” variations.

36″ Wide Aluminum Threshold Bevel

2″ Threshold Bevel

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