Franklin MXB Voting Booth

Introducing the Franklin® MXB from Pakflatt®

Through an exclusive partnership with Pakflatt, the leading voting booth manufacturer in the world, Inclusion Solutions now offers the state-of-the-art, feature-rich Pakflatt Franklin MXB voting booth to meet not only your election needs, but also your information and display needs year round.

The Franklin MXB voting booth’s modular kiosk design accommodates both older voting systems as well as new COTS systems, and its construction allows for multiple writing surface heights and seating configurations to allow for maximum flexibility while adhering to ADA accessibility requirements.

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Equality for All Voters

The Franklin MXB voting booth is designed to allow any voter, regardless of limited mobility, to vote privately and securely. All compartments are accessible to wheelchair users and to those who need to sit while voting. The table height may be altered on demand, and all components and accessories have been designed to facilitate reach, grip, and mobility. The voting booth also has adequate space for assistive devices.

Modular System

The Franklin MXB is easy to set up and can be adapted in seconds to suit your particular polling place requirements. Multiple booths can be used in various configurations depending on your needs, and a variety of accessories are available.

Easy to Use

Although the Franklin MXB is suitable for desktop functions such as completing a form, checking a list, or marking a ballot, it is by far at its best when the user has to cope with several pieces of electronic technology at the same time. The availability of tables, ledges, and trays as well as an adaptable clip holder and cable management provides unique voting booth functionality.

Easy to Assemble

We know a wide range of age groups with varying agility and dexterity are tasked with preparing your polling place for early voting, election day voting, and vote centers. Therefore, the MXB is light, easy to assemble and disassemble, and requires no additional tools.

Franklin MXB Voting Booth Key Features:

  • Compatible with both the Automark and COTS systems
  • Private cubicles on both front and back offering either standing or ADA compliant seated access.
  • Range of privacy options:Multiple height extending visors up to 6’6” tall
    • Wrap around curtains
    • Variety of side screens and shields
  • Robust, damage-resistant construction
  • Assembles in minutes
  • No tools necessary
  • Transit packaging available for easy storage and handling
  • Custom labeling options (i.e., county seal, state flag)
  • Modular design:
    • A la carte items  include printer shelving, privacy curtains, USB hub, and lighting
  • Built-in level ensures kiosk stability
  • Ideal for use as a display/information booth year round
  • Can be used outdoors in all weather conditions
  • Compact Dimensions:

L: 47.24”

H: 31.5”

B: 7.9”

  • Lightweight: 37.48 lbs.
MXB Custom COTS Shelf