IAEM 65th Annual Conference

Date: November 10, 2017

Bringing together those involved in emergency management including emergency management decision-makers, homeland security officials, business continuity planners, first responder coordinators, and more, the IAEM 65th Annual Conference offers you the chance to discuss, deliberate and debate the pressing issues for the industry including: prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.  With varied subjects from Disaster Recovery to Emergency Management Training, Government Affairs to Cyber Security, and everything in between, the 2017 conference promises to bring more relevant and engaging content than ever.

Attending the event in Long Beach?  Mark your calendar now! Inclusion Solutions CEO Pat Hughes will present on November 15 at 1:45: Connect 20/80 – A Project for Creating Meaningful Outreach to Access and Functional Needs Communities.

To learn more about the event: IAEM 65th Annual Conference

To schedule a one-on-one meeting with Pat at the event: phughes@inclusionsolutions.com