Not sure which product line will suit your location?  Inclusion Solutions Consulting Services team has deep domain expertise.  We work with hundreds of organizations nationwide, including county governments, to review sites for ADA compliance and identify cost-effective, pragmatic solutions to make buildings accessible to individuals with a variety of disabilities, including persons who are blind or have low vision; people who are deaf or hard of hearing; people with limited use of hands or arms; individuals with mobility impairments who use canes, crutches, braces or walkers; persons who use wheelchairs; and people who have combinations of disabilities.

Inclusion Solutions’ Consulting Services team members are experts in accessibility with vast experience solving access challenges.  Due to the high volume of projects they tackle, the team is constantly learning and evolving best practices.  We’re careful to help you make good use of the equipment and supplies you already own, and where additional products are necessary, Inclusion Solutions will provide you with a proposal that details not only what products are necessary, but blueprints for where each product should be placed.  All survey fees will be credited against any product(s) purchased – thereby providing you with a complete, yet affordable way to ensure your place of business is accessible.

And Inclusion Solutions believes in setting its customers up for long-term, not single instance-based, success.  Our Consultants not only guide you toward solutions that meet your needs today, but they leave you with the knowledge you need to maintain and mature  your environment once they’ve gone.

At Inclusion Solutions, we’ve got creative ideas on how best to meet your needs and the needs of the people you want to reach. We’re also available to consult on new business ideas to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Contact us at 1.866.232.5487 or click here to email.